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Divorce and separation are difficult for the whole family. I Love Daddy God is a resource for mothers to support their children to work through the challenging process of divorce.


I Love Daddy God is designed primarily for 4-10 yr old girls whose parents are going through a divorce or separation. The book could be adapted to meet other needs such as single dads.

Each activity is designed to open up discussion on the divorce / separation, assist the child to work through the associated emotions and to create a connection with our heavenly father.


My prayer is that I Love Daddy God is a blessing to single parents and their children.

Dear Friends;


This book will help little ones better understand , the absence of a Father - which is always a challenge in the minds of children. Being raised myself by a single Mum - I know first hand, the questions raised and not easily answered, especially when the mum is coming to terms with her loss as well! Sadly, the increase in divorce begs the need for a greater understanding of the solo parent and her/his children... And the choice of language used, to best help children understand why things like this happen in life.


I Love Daddy God" ... M. Antonieta shares how she has found peace and support through faith in a loving God and her church community , and here is the beautiful result of her journey thus far. I believe it brings a message of hope and worth to every single Mum and her children. I love the message that we all need a support network of good friends to help with our journey - so to every single Mum out there reading this- I look forward to welcoming you in church!


Big hugs,


Ps Chris Pringle.

Senior Pastor

C3 Church - Sydney

The most common way for Jesus to refer to God was as "Father". God is, of course, more than just father; he is creator, King, Redeemer and so much more. Yet Jesus preferred the term father, and his use of the term was not formal but intimate. We might just as easily translate Jesus' heartfelt cry to God as "daddy". In Jesus, then, each of us become adopted children of daddy God. Coming to this realisation is a vital part of the healing of our broken lives. In "I love daddy God" this message of love and healing is communicated to daughters who have experienced the pain of their parents' divorce. It is done sensitively and beautifully. I loved the book and I hope it brings healing to many of God's daughters, sincerely Shane.


Dr Shane Clifton

Director of Research and Head of Theology

Alphacrucis College - Sydney

    What are people saying

    "I loved, loved, loved it!

    The illustrations blew me away as they are very captivating.

    I know it will bring alot of healing for children in need and impact the next generation.

    This book captures the heart of a loving God and is an inspiration to all.

    Thank you for this amazing experience."


    Kirsten Knight

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